Sierra’s advisory practice is uniquely positioned to navigate forward, working together with our clients to create real and sustainable value.

We provide advisory services in the following areas:

Strategic Advisory 

Sierra provides strategic advisory services to companies, boards of directors, and shareholders seeking to understand their various alternatives for maximizing shareholder value and liquidity. As independent advisors, we provide an objective assessment of the viable strategic alternatives available to a client that will help them to meet their objectives. These alternatives may include: 

  • Recapitalization
  • Acquisition
  • Divestiture
  • Sale
  • Maintain the status quo.

Through a strategic review process we can identify the value drivers of a business to help its stakeholders prepare the company for a value maximizing transaction, regardless of when the decision is made to pursue it. 

We provide clients with the highest caliber of attention in all phases of the transaction process from the preparation of marketing materials and the contacting of potential strategic and financial partners to the negotiation of letters of intent straight through closing. 

Management Consulting 

As part of the advisory process, we collaborate with our clients using a strategic framework to analyze and develop their enterprise objectives. We challenge their thinking and drive transformation.Together we work toward achieving new capabilities, marketplace opportunities and achievable goals. 

We have the knowledge and expertise and provide our management consulting services in these areas: 

  • Enterprise transformation
  • Knowledge management
  • Business process management
  • Financial Management
  • Human resources Management

Sierra’s partnerships are broad. Our culture promotes collaboration. And our commitment to success is enduring. 

Project Finance 

Infrastructure development and public service projects in developing countries, which advance growth, sustainability and social progress, are often structured as Public, Private and Partnerships (PPP). One of Sierra’s missions is the advancement of these ventures.

 Sierra has developed significant relationships with government officials in developing countries. Acting as facilitator, we assist in the planning, development and project management of these greatly needed ventures. We bringing together financial investors, project developers and other parties committed to advancing these complex projects.