Sierra’s technology practice has a history of blending real world business experience, leveraging our advisory professionals, with our deep technology expertise to help clients achieve their strategic technology objectives.

As a consulting company, we are a data driven organization. We are data scientists committed to delivering business insight, innovation, process improvements and practical, affordable and effective solutions through the application of data science technologies.

We provide technology services in the following areas:

Data Science

Data is the lifeblood of business. It is essential to all processing and business intelligence systems. It has been relatively easy to store and share data, and Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) were the tool of choice. With the advent of Big Data, new and innovative technologies have been designed to meet these data challenges.

Sierra has the expertise to harness the power of these technologies. Our data scientists have the advanced mathematical and statistical training and experience to find meaningful use of your data and to utilize the optimal tools of data visualization in providing practical, applied solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Traditionally, data was transactional in nature. We recorded what was bought, by whom, price, quantity, when, where etc. So much now is recorded about what happens before and after a purchase- in the form of clicks, tweets etc.

This is a source of Big Data, using it to predict- purchases, sentiments or other behavior. Sierra has the expertise and tools for collecting, managing and analyzing that data. And more importantly, the knowledge for analyzing and making accurate predictions with data.

Data Management

Sierra has extensive experience providing data management, data integration and data migration services. Our consultants understand the importance of quickly and efficiently moving data through a company’s infrastructure and transforming disparate data into useable information, enabling management to make better decisions.

Design and Architecture

Working with business and technology stakeholders, we develop a solution architecture blueprint within a highly compressed time frame, defining a target state for the technology and processes. Our focus is on creating sustained value through practical IT solutions.

Software Development

Sierra works closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their business objectives and solution requirements. This ensures that the scope of a project is well defined, which translates into affordable budgets and measured progress deadlines. Focusing on specific time to market deadlines and by diligently adhering to agreed budget parameters, our professionals deliver high quality products and services, while consistently meeting/exceeding our clients’ objectives. 

Our expertise is supplemented by a wide array of methodologies and tools through our Business Delivery Framework to accelerate your project results. Our teams are trained in multiple software development techniques including Agile, Iterative, Waterfall methodologies, but are pragmatic and flexible enough to tailor our approach to fit your objectives, culture and goals.